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Telehealth - Salt Lake County

Hybrid model Telehealth - Orem Utah 

New office sharing with The Center for Couples & Families.  This partnership allows me to do telehealth with you weekly and have face to face sessions with you as well.  We can meet at the Orem office on a Saturday every four to six weeks and then meet online weekly.  


Having spent twenty years working with clients from all over the county I have unique skills set for being able to work at a distance effectively.  Using HIPPA compliant video conferencing services we can meet online and do much of the same work that we do face to face.  In fact, for some, it is more effective to do online work.  It creates a safe space where anxieties are less reactive.  It allows you to be in a familiar space and have control of the interaction.  I do ask that you make sure that the space around you is private so we can do the work that we need to do.  I like to do a hybrid model by working with many local therapist I have the ability to use office space on a regular basis.  For example, we can meet face to face at an office in the county once every four or five weeks. 

Image by Marcus Bellamy
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