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When doing telehealth there are few things I would like for you to consider:


  • I use a HIPAA compliant video conference platform. Despite this, technology has inherent risk and is not as secure as meeting in an office.   

  • I cannot see your end and know if it is confidential.  I ask that you prepare your space and know what is around you, who is present, and who could hear you.  Please take all precautions you can to make your space private as we talk.  

  • If only one person is in the sesion consider wearing wired headphones to ensure more privacy.  

  • Try to not have direct light just behind you, for example a window.  It makes it more difficult to see you. Light shining on your face helps highlight you, making it easier for me to pick up on social and body cues.  

  • Close out all other tabs on your browser and other programs.  They do take some bandwidth and this will ensure the best connection possible. 


There are ways in which telehealth work can be very effective. 

  • The most cited reason that people find telehealth effective is that it is convenient.  You don't have to drive, work around a tight schedule, or spend half your day for an appointment. 

  • In outcome studies participants are reporting that being in their own space they feel more comfortable, have less defensiveness and are more open. 

  • Those who are accustomed to having an online life have found that they are very receptive to feedback when working online with a therapist.  

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