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Individual Therapy


Guide yourself past anxiety and stop destructive self soothing behavior. 

Be your very best self 

Individual Counseling

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain can be debilitating and impact every aspect of life. Most talk therapy deals with the cognitive part of the therapeutic process. Sometimes we need a therapist to help us experience calming our body's threat response and our emotional reactivity.  At Family Solutions Therapy we work on changing how we view ourselves and our world.


Anxiety and pain can be so debilitating that they will not allow us to change our views. This is when other techniques such as bilateral stimulation, mindfulness practices, and CES (cranial electrical stimulation) can be helpful in reducing our body and brain's threat response.  Giving us space to do deeper emotional and cognitive therapy.

Bilateral stimulation is using visual or tactile ways of activating the right and then the left hemispheres of our brain.  To be less focused on our limbic responses to painful and traumatic experiences.


EMDR is a form of bilateral stimulation. Here at Family Solutions Therapy, Rachael can use EMDR with patients and all the clinicians use brain sculpt, a bilateral medical device to help do bilateral stimulation in sessions.

Family Solutions therapy also uses a device called Alpha-Stim. This is most commonly referred to as CES or cranial electrical stimulation.  This device has received FDA clearance for use as a therapeutic device. CES helps treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. This drug-free Alternative treatment helps create a more relaxed brain state and helps us to be less reactive. 


Alpha-Stim describes its medical device as follows:

Alpha-Stim is a non-invasive, non-drug cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device that is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively treat anxiety and insomnia. The device uses a unique, patented waveform of electrical current to balance the electrochemical function of the brain in order to improve users’ emotional and physiological states.

Patients apply earclip electrodes that deliver a low-amplitude, rhythmic current to the brain, which helps regulate brain cells’ electrochemical signals and return them to a balanced, normal functioning state.

Many users see results after their first treatment. And because the effects of Alpha-Stim build on the progress of the last session, many Alpha-Stim users see increased levels of relief over time. Moreover,  because CES does not involve any chemicals, Alpha-Stim users are free from the worry of dependence and withdrawal.


Every clinician at Family Solutions Therapy has an alpha stem that they can use during sessions. however, we also offer opportunities in between sessions for non-clinical sessions for Alpha-Stim and neurofeedback-assisted mindfulness for relaxation and to help with insomnia treatment. You can schedule a time to come to the office as needed.


Learn more about Alpha-Stim:



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