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Individual Therapy


Guide yourself past anxiety and stop destructive self soothing behavior. 

Be your very best self 

Individual Counseling


I believe that our intentions are always good.  One of our primary responses to distress is to protect.  When this occurs during intense times (trauma) it can lead to parts of us becoming reactive and in charge.  This often shows up as intense and unregulated emotions (depression, anxiety, addiction).  I use an integrative parts model based on IFS therapy when working with individuals.  I work most often with those with addiction, obsessions, pornography obsessions/compulsions/addictions, and other life stressors. 


  • Individual sessions - weekly

  • Video sessions available as needed


Couple intensives for families who have a child in treatment -


having worked for decades in residential settings I have a unique understanding of the struggles couples and parents experience when a son or daughter is in treatment.  I often work to do couples intensives with couples while their child is in treatment. 


  • 16-hour couple intensive  

  • Follow up video session as needed and as available in your area.  

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