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Addiction Counseling

Find a purpose in life that you means more to you than the cravings you have for a substance or a soothing behavior

Addiction Counseling

Addiction takes us over.  We are no longer in control of the day to day decisions.  We make decisions based on our need to feel better, to cope, and our body betrays us by telling us that we need a substance to feel good again, to deal with life, and that we can not do it on our own.  Our brains rewire to over anticipate the reward of using and under estimate the cost of our use.  The anticipation of relief is overpowering and we are driven to use, to cope, or to do whatever gets us to that expected goal.  To use becomes the love of our life.  

Eventually, it does not work.  We don't see it at first or understand why.  We lose more and more.  Many times it is those who love us that help us address it; a spouse or family member.  For others it will be an employer or the legal system.  

At some point we accept that we are ready to change and seek the help.  Counseling can help us get to that understanding.  It can help us with our commitment and motivation to explore every area of our lives so we can be prepared to face the challenges of living a sober lifestyle.  

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