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Self Pay or Private Pay

There are a lot of good reasons to private pay.  It also gives you the flexibility for you to pursue a "superbill" and use your HSA or FSA.  Some of the benefits of self pay are:

More Confidential

We don't have to share information with your insurance  company.  They don't need to see your diagnosis, treatment plan, or session information.  Unless you submit a superbill which is like an invoice where you are submitting to you insurance on your own behalf), insurance is not invoiced.  If you do use a superbill most insurances will require CPT codes and DX codes as well.  

How you are Diagnosed

If you don't use insurance there are no worries about what diagnosis codes meet criteria of care for payment.  You don't need to rely solely on the medical model and can use a relational model of assessment which is more descriptive and less problems saturated.  

Focus is on you

All of the focus is on you.  All of the time is focused on you.  With less paperwork, submitting of forms, and navigating the system we can just work on your goals.  

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Couples Therapy

Sometimes we lose trust.  Regain your connection to each other.  Are you fighting, avoiding each other, scared to bring things up, do you want more intimacy? We can help.  Our approach is proven to help couples reconnect, love more, reclaim joy with each other,and regain passion

Individual Therapy

Life is hard.  Sometimes our best efforts results in experiencing anxiety and depression.  Our efforts to sooth and feel better create their own problems.  Are you struggling to feel motivated, are you feeling lost, not your best self?  Do you soothe by withdrawing, turning to obsessions like spending too much time in front of a screen? We can help you have a better relationship with your ability to deal with dilemmas in life.

Addiction Counseling

Substance use changes the way we think.  Find a purpose stronger than cravings. Build connections with others that lets you be your best self. Learn to think without the deception of addiction

Family Therapy

Arguing with you teen all the time?  Kids on their devices, ignoring their responsibilities.  Is your child distant and moody much of the time?  Dont feel a connection with your child.  Family therapy can help you and your child develop a secure connection. a secure connection can give your child grit and resilience in a tough world where they are judged constantly.

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