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Trauma Therapy


My brain will not let me relax.  It is always on high alert.  


Find relief through bilateral stimulation such as EMDR.

Trauma Counseling


My brain will not let me relax.  It is always on high alert.  Find relief through bilateral stimulation such as EMDR.  Learn how to use meditation to move through past pain.  Use therapy to bring new meaning to past hurts. 

Bilateral stimulation is using visual or tactile ways of activating the right and then the left hemispheres of our brain.  To be less focused on our limbic responses to painful and traumatic experiences.


EMDR is a form of bilateral stimulation. Here at Family Solutions Therapy, Rachael can use EMDR with patients and all the clinicians use brain sculpt, a bilateral medical device to help do bilateral stimulation in sessions.

Family Solutions therapy also uses a device called Alpha-Stim. This is most commonly referred to as CES or cranial electrical stimulation.  This device has received FDA clearance for use as a therapeutic device. CES helps treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. This drug-free Alternative treatment helps create a more relaxed brain state and helps us to be less reactive. 




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