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Couples Therapy

Trust takes work. let's reclaim the Joy in your Relationship

Couples Therapy


Our greatest sense of safety and joy comes from our most meaningful relationship.  The engagement and alignment in our marriage determines so much about our ability to be happy or feel misery. 


When we fight we don't feel complete.  When we are not connected we feel alone in our problems and seek solutions for ourselves.  Most often one partner takes the role of emotionally pursuing the other seeking for reconnection.  The other partner, also fearing that they will just make things worse, pulls away and avoids.  They both mis-interpret the reasons for their actions and start to believe that the other one does not care or thinks that everything I do is wrong.  Both feel blamed and desperate to find a fix.  Often to connect the one that pulls away will pursuse sexuly, looking for physically reassurance.  The emotional pursuer wants the emotional closeness first so they reject the bid for physical intimacy.  These cycles are common.  Yet they feel like the world is ending for the for the couple who is in them.  

Couples therapy does work!  Couples can do more than just understand and see what is happening.  They can emotionally connect again!  They can get past the blocks they give each other and they can trust again in a way that their past makes them stronger than before.  


I use an emotional focused approach (EFT) to help heal our most important relationships, our marriage and family.  EFT is based on attachment theory.  When we feel safe and connected, we have the ability to be our very best self.  When this is missing, we lose that sense of security.   When we lose alignment with those, we love most we enter into patterns that can distance us from each other and we mistrust.  EFT helps us break free and turn back towards each other.  EFT helps us heal and be able to be safe with our loved one’s hurt and help them feel safe again. 


  • Assessments

  • Weekly couple session

  • Intimacy and sexual problems related to couple and marriage issues - weekly sessions

  • Couple intensives - 16 hours over two days that can help jump start therapy and get us going in a way that weekly sessions might not achieve, or at least as quickly.  

  • Video sessions as needed

Couple intensives for families who have a child in treatment -


having worked for decades in residential settings I have a unique understanding of the struggles couples and parents experience when a son or daughter is in treatment.  I often work to do couples intensives with couples while their child is in treatment. 


  • 16-hour couple intensive  

  • Follow up video session as needed and as available in your area.  

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