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Precautions, Telehealth, and Resources

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I am writing to let you know that there is help for those who are seeking counseling services. The American Psychological Association has advised that therapists offer a telehealth option for those seeking services during this time of social distancing in response to COVID-19. There are ways in which telehealth work can be very effective.

  • I use a HIPAA compliant video platform that allows clients to have remote sessions.

  • Almost all insurance companies have issued statements the last few days that they will reimburse telehealth the same as face to face sessions.

  • Telehealth is convenient.

  • Having a session in your own space makes you feel more comfortable, have less defensiveness and be more open.

  • Those who are accustomed to having an online life have found that they are very receptive to feedback when working online with a therapist.

I work with individuals and couples. My website outlines those who I work best with and clinical approaches that work. My website is or

Current Clients

For all current clients. I hope that you have some calm during this time that we are taking precautions as a nation to help manage the spread of COVID-19. In-fact, I have really enjoyed the time with my family, fewer meetings, and my social distancing by going out hiking looking for antler sheds. I am aware that for many of you the management of COVID-19 means having kids at home, more work from home, and other worries.

I want to let you know that I am healthy and meeting with clients at the Richfield office. There is a sense of normalcy meeting with you all and I really enjoy our work together. To keep us all healthy let me tell you about telehealth services. I have always done telehealth and working at a treatment center for 20 years I have become an expert at telehealth. I still prefer to see you face to face. However please use telehealth if any of the following have occured:

  • You or someone you care for is sick.

  • You have had contact with someone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19

  • You have traveled to a known area that is considered pandemic (if not sure check the CDC website).

  • If you need to reschedule/cancel for any other reason, consider doing a telehealth session instead of rescheduling.

Therapy is important and so is meeting regularly to use momentum in helping you adopt a framework that is necessary for you to sooth, relieve symptoms, and to maintain progress. When doing telehealth there are few things I would like for you to consider:

  • I use a HIPPA compliant video conference platform. Despite this, technology has inherent risk and is not as secure as meeting in an office.

  • I cannot see your end and know if it is confidential. I ask that you prepare your space and know what is around you, who is present, and who could hear you. Please take all precautions you can to make your space private as we talk.

  • If only one person is in the sesion consider wearing wired headphones to ensure more privacy.

  • Try to not have direct light just behind you, for example a window. It makes it more difficult to see you. Light shining on your face helps highlight you, making it easier for me to pick up on social and body cues.

  • Close out all other tabs on your browser and other programs. They do take some bandwidth and this will ensure the best connection possible.

There are ways in which telehealth work can be very effective.

  • The most cited reason that people find telehealth effective is that it is convenient. You don't have to drive, work around a tight schedule, or spend half your day for an appointment.

  • In outcome studies participants are reporting that being in their own space they feel more comfortable, have less defensiveness and are more open.

  • Those who are accustomed to having an online life have found that they are very receptive to feedback when working online with a therapist.

I appreciate your awareness and your work with me. It takes courage and determination to improve your own self, circumstances, and relationships. Please call if you have questions or want to schedule a telehealth session.


Troy Faddis, LMFT

Office: (801) 609-8462

5 West Constitution Way, Suite 1134,

Richfield, UT 84701

PS here are a few resources from the APA, AAMFT, CDC, and NIH: information on COVID-19 and also the need for telehealth at this time.

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