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Four ways we are wired to react to stress

Flight, Fight, Freeze and ....... Fawn. When startled we naturally react with one of these, just like a kick reflect to a patella tendon hammer. Here is video I made for my BYUI class.


Monitor or Director

We each have a autonomic nervous system that is always monitoring our progress towards goals, safety. It is directing if we are using the Gas or Brake pedal. We are always in a forward, or away neurological state. During the time of transaction we can be in neutral. Our monitor is constantly watching the following four states.

  1. Somatic

  2. Emotional

  3. Cognitive

  4. Spiritual

Monitor each area: spiritual, somatic, emotional, and cognitive. Is it protective, negative, critical? Is it uplifting, encouraging, and motivating? Practice giving it the monitor a direction to go.

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