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Parenting with a heart at peace

1) Introductions: Name and Favorite Food on Home Detention Maddy 2) Way of Being (Anatomy of Peace) (Review AofP handout) History with Legacy (Troy) See other vs seeing self … seeing others as people not as objects. Sometimes the thing your son or daughter wants the most is to just be seen, really seen, and understood. 3) Review the “Boxes” (AofP handout) (Troy) 4) Anatomy of Peace Collusion Cycle (Review Collusion Cycle handout) Role Play? Give examples. Gear toward having a real conversation with son/daughter… How to stop the conversation from going south Rebuilding Trust and dealing with personal guilt. If we feel we haven’t been good parents, or done our job right, we may get into enabling.. Trying to make up the difference ..and that leads to entitlement and an imbalance in the relationship’ 5) Talk about Individuation. Dependent/counterdependent/independent Process of growing adults and the changing relationship. Letting go. Not micromanaging (pursuing) but not eliminating boundaries (Maddy 6) Parenting styles when we are polarized and on different pages (Troy)

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